Who is Ellen van Leeuwen ?

Quote: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” (ipse dixit John Lennon)


Ellen van Leeuwen


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After working for 14 years at a global financial organization, where I supported growth from small to large in the Netherlands, it started to tickle a small company back in the process to the next big step. A very enthusiastic founder did the rest! It is also nice to be able to use my legal background again.


Everything related to the support work of the entire Tconsult Team: facilitating marketing and events, personnel affairs, recruitment, invoicing, agenda management, quotations, processing orders, drafting legal documents, keeping the office representative and further indentation where help is needed!


Outside of office hours I am together with my best daughter, running, in the yoga class, relaxing with netflix, listening to spotify lists, or having a drink with friends and family!


Ellen van Leeuwen helpt u graag (letterlijk) weer op weg!