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Tconsult offers several products, software and hardware to optimize and automate your business processes with cost reduce as result.



The Scangaroo application can control and drive document scanners in the truck on boardcomputers, tablets and smartphones! Freight documents, CMR, letter of contents and other important documents, can be scanned and send real time at the moment of loading or unloading. All information is real time available for the transporter, and also for the initiator.

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De voordelen van Scangaroo

The driver is able to administrate himself with this app

Scangaroo works plug-and-play and is suitable for every user.

Mobile scanning is the future and is increasingly necessary in the logistic process



TellApe creates realtime load carrier overview. Manage locations and numbers load carriers on an online portal and make costs directly transparent. Your drivers enter data directly in the app which transactions has taken place with the loading and unloading the load carriers. The app is uncluttered, plain and fast. The app has been tested by and for drivers!

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Never lose load carriers again

Always know and everywhere what your stock, outgoing and incoming load carrier is.

The real time solution for load carriers management, where and whenever you want!

RTI Solutions

RTI staat voor Real Time Informatie. Oftewel: het digitaal verwerken en beheren van documentstromen. De gegevens en informatie in documenten wordt in dit geval automatisch digitaal uitgelezen in plaats van handmatig ingevoerd. Dit gebeurt met behulp van geavanceerde Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Zelfs handgeschreven informatie kan worden omgezet in digitale gegevens die direct kan worden verwerkt.

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Hand geschreven documenten omzetten in digitale informatie in een handomdraai

Geen papieren administratie meer maar een administratie in de Cloud

Met behulp van RTI Solutions is een digitale administratie dichterbij dan je denkt!