With the brand name “Scangaroo” Tconsult developed a sophisticated state-of-the-art scanning solution in close cooperation with Canon Europe, leading supplier of print and scan solutions world-wide. This application is now operational in more than thousand trucks covering multiple countries in Europe.

Scangaroo is an application that can actuate compact document scanners on boardcomputers, tablets and smartphones in trucks. Freight documents, CMR, Lieferschein, letter of contents and other important documents which are used during transportation of goods, can be scanned real-time at the moment of loading or unloading.

By means of digitalization of the freight documents the information is instantly available in a digital format to be used by the forwarder or the customer for administration purposes. The forwarder or the customer can process the digital documents real-time and does not have to wait for the driver to hand in the documents in person. Information is instantly available for all parties involved in the logistic chain. This results in a logistic chain that is more transparent and trustable, but also speeds up the company’s cash-flow, as invoices can be send straight away.

Most of the scan devices offered in the market nowadays are only capable of low resolution and black- and white scanning. This results in illegible scans where critical information can easily get lost. Also, many trucks are equipped with different brands of board-computers, but lack the high-end scanning hardware to produce the desired end-result. Tconsult can supply companies with both the application that runs on all board-computers, as well as the hardware.

Scangaroo; the scan-gooroo that directly and speedily delivers scans to the right person.

A solution for every user

With the creation of Scangaroo, Tconsult developed a complete solution that is simple to use. To offer a complete and uniform solution that is usable for every customer, Scangaroo is developed to use in different versions.

1. Completely integraded; Scangaroo can be used when the application is completely integrated with the boardcomputer in the truck. The application Scangaroo is invoked via an API-key and the truck driver is forced to scan, before he continues his route.

2. Semi-integrated; Scangaroo is easy to be installed on different brands of boardcomputers. This version does not oblige the truck driver to scan.

3. Stand alone; Scangaroo is downloadable and usable on every Android smartphone and/or tablet. This version is ideal for charters that have multiple contracters.

Scangaroo, more than an app!

Tconsult’s solution Scangaroo is more than just an application. How? Because of it’s unique selling points;

• Tconsult sells the application Scangaroo, but also the accompanied hardware and cables
• Tconsult offers 24/7 support
• Scangaroo offers the driver to keep track of his/hers own administration
• Scangaroo is easy and manageable to use, suitable for every user
• Tconsult developed a ‘bracket’ that will protect the scanner at all times
• When the scanner breaks down, Tconsult offers a repair-service to all Scangaroo-users
• Tconsult owns a webshop where spare parts and other necessities are non-stop available
• Scangaroo offers charters the ideal possibility to inform different contracters at any moment
• Scangaroo is the future, mobile scanning is very important!

Scangaroo app


Questions about Scangaroo? Broken scanner? Tconsult offers 24/7 support. Check out how to reach out to us here.

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