RTI Solutions

RTI Solutions.

The abbreviation RTI stands for Real Time Information; or, the management and editing of digital documents in an automated process. Processing information happens automatically instead of manually.

Tconsult’s RTI solution helps to process the already scanned documents, according to the preferences of the user. The solution can read handwriting, transfer this to data and import it directly into any kind of administration and/or ERP-system.

Introduction OCR

Using the advanced OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) a document can be ‘read’. The computer is capable of recognizing handwritten information and transfer this to digital information.

This means that all added information on the CMR, like returned packing items, is directly known at the company’s headquarters. This information provides the company with the knowledge of the location of its packing items.

In short; OCR creates the possibility to directly update the logistical administration correctly. Subsequently it is also possible to save all documents in Tconsult’s DMS solution.

Introduction DMS

DMS stands for Document Managing System, Tconsult’s easy to use system that can help companies administrate in the cloud.

For practical reasons, it is very easy to administrate in the cloud instead of on paper. This is especially the case when all drivers and charters send scans all day long. The freight documents, CMR, Lieferschein, letter of contents and other important documents can be saved in the DMS and shared with contacts in and outside of the company via workflows.

Tconsult’s DMS solution offers the possibility to easily manage, save or edit documents in the cloud.

RTI, the complete solution

• RTI makes sure that needed information is automatically generated and directly links it to the right administrative system
• Human mistakes are eliminated by using the RTI solution
• Flows of information will be faster and more efficient by using the RTI solution
• The RTI solution’s related time-saving automatically causes costs-saving
The cash-flow will increase, as information needed to invoice is directly available

• If physical documents used by the driver get lost or damaged, it will not influence the administration
• Porto-costs for sending documents will be omitted as all processes are digital
• Staff can focus on more challenging projects than checking CMR’s and freight documents
• Possible linkages with TMS or ERP make sure that all information is shared and easy to find

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