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Print Panther

With the brandname ‘Print Panther’ Tconsult developed a sophisticated state-of-the-art solution to offer to the logistical chain. It appears to happen quite often that transporter-companies have to adjust their CMR, and other important documents, last minute. To structure this process it is most preferable to let the driver print a new copy. Print Panther has been developed to offer this flexibility.

Direct printing

There are different brands of printers that are to be used mobile, often with their own software. However, these applications are outdated; installing the applications takes a lot of time and the software is often not to be integrated with other systems. Using these applications is yet another chain in the information provision. Print Panther on the other hand, is installable on every device and easy to use. The application connects via WiFi or bluetooth with the printer and directly prints the needed documents. There is no easier and more flexible connection between driver and head quarters.

Print Panther; Printing with the speed, flexibility and elegance of a Panther.

Direct adaption, Print Panther’s possibilities

There are multiple imaginable situations why it can be very useful to be capable to print directly. With the flexibility of Print Panther this is all possible, but Print Panther also saves time;

1. It happens quite often that, for whatever reason, CMR are no longer readable or missing. Using Print Panther to print a new one, solves that problem! All other documents, freight documents, Lieferschein, letter of contents can also be printed in the truck.

2. It also happens that documents have to be adapted to last-minute changes. Often these changes are written on the paper by hand, which is often quite unclear. However, a new printed version is a lot clearer!

3. When the good have been damaged during loading or unloading, it is possible to directly print the taken pictures with Print Panther. This can prevent long arguments later on.

Print Panther, more than an app!

Tconsult’s solution Print Panther is more than just an application. How? Because of it’s unique selling points;

• Tconsult sells the application Print Panther, but also the accompanied hardware and cables
• Tconsult offers 24/7 support
• Print Panther directly connects with the printer via bluetooth and/or WiFi, this enlarges the printing’s speed and flexibilty
• Print Panther is easy and manageable to use, suitable for every user
• Tconsult developed a ‘bracket’ that will protect the printer at all times
• When the printer breaks down, Tconsult offers a repair-service to all Print Panther-users
• Tconsult owns a webshop where spare parts and other necessities are non-stop available
• Print Panther offers charters a flexibility that contracters like
Print Panther is a great solution in a world that is trying to become paperless, but that still needs prints!



Questions about Print Panther? Broken printer?
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