Business processes

A business consultant can help you with the expertise your company doesn’t have but also gives an independent of the business situation, which can be very useful. Our consultants look at your internal business situation with an independent view. Our consultants are less affected to prejudice, sensitive information or political issues that may occur within the company. Tconsult helps you with an objective look in different business processes. Tconsult has expertise with load carrier flows, financial flows and business processes.



Tconsult helps with designing, analysing, improving and controlling processes. Tconsult can advise on various components within the supply chain and helps to make an efficiency gain. We will consult with the people that are responsible but will also look at the work floor to get a comprehensive view. With a workshop the business problem is identified, after the workshop the consultants can start the processes. Our consultants are trained and work according to the Lean Six Sigma approach.


Consultancy process

During the consultancy process our consultants talk with various key players in the company to make a clear business analysis. This is the most important step within the process. Tconsult has years of experience in consultancy projects at logistic companies and can call itself an expert. We work according to a standard step-by-step plan and follow the Lean Six Sigma method. The consultancy process is divided into different steps for which a separate quotation is drawn up; identify and map the problem, analyse the possible solutions and implement the desired solution.

Our approach

The first inventory of the problem starts with a cup of coffee on the side. If we decide to start the consultancy process, we organize a workshop to further expose the problem. After the workshop there is a clear picture of the problem in the management department. Our consultants will speak with employees on the floor to see how processes are run in practice. At the end we present the advisory report with possibly the follow-up trajectory which can be implemented afterwards.

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Optimizing goods flows, document flows, information flows, packaging flows or are there other areas within the company that need attention? Can you use an independent view in the company or do you just not get the right information to optimize your business? We like to drink a cup of coffee with you to get acquainted and to discuss the follow-up steps if necessary.

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