Export documents and changes directly printed with Print Panther.

For international business, many different documents are required to be able to transport the goods across national borders. What happens when there are important export documents that are missing for transport? Print Panther can make transporting goods more efficient.

International trade

Companies that do business internationally are faced with export documents also known as the T document. There are different types of export documents that are used for different purposes. With international business, there are many documents that you are dealing with: financial documents, origin documents and transport documents. An invoice, packing list and CMR Freight document is required as standard for every export assignment. There is also a difference between documents within the European Union and outside the European Union. Sometimes it’s also required to hand over a health certificate, inspection certificate or additional origin documents for the import or export of goods.

A foreign customer can also request an additional export document to save on import duties in his country. Every country has its own different export document and can differ greatly. Each country has its own trade agreements with neighbour countries or nations. A different export document is required for each trade agreement.

Customs, supervises and checks all export documents required for import and export goods. In addition, Customs checks if the taxes due on import are paid and whether goods on export comply with the regulations. Because there are many different export documents and different customs rules apply, it can occur that wrong or missing documents are included with the freight.

Missing documents

It happens more than once that an additional report or document has to be filled in at the border or customs control. The driver must receive the required and completed documents from his client. If the required documents are missing, the driver must first get it before he can continue his route. If the driver has to wait a long time for the right documents at customs, transport will take longer. Consequences may be that transport costs increase due to the hourly wages of the driver, the customer has to wait longer for his goods, etc.

How easy would it be if the driver receives the documents digitally, sent to his car by mail or a message with attachment on his on-board computer? The driver only has to print the export documents somewhere. However a place for printing can sometimes be quite a task.

Print Panther

It is often very cumbersome and time-consuming to find a place to print the documents, wouldn’t it be a perfect solution if you would be able to print directly in the truck? Tconsult, smart solutions in logistics, has developed Print Panther for this. Print Panther is an advanced mobile print app that can operate on Android on-board computers, tablets and smartphones. The Print Panther application can be connected to USB and WIFI and can quickly print all required files.

Even if there is no export involved, but you have to make changes at the last minute, Print Panther is the solution! A good example for this is the parcel service that has to take an extra package at the last moment without an existing shipping order. Not every driver writes clearly or neatly. However, by directly creating an expedition order with the right data to print on it, the assignment is clear to everyone.

With Print Panther you always have the right documents at the right time and place. Wou can also print the last consignment note, CMR or packing note directly in the truck to keep your administration up-to-date. With the advanced mobile print solution Print Panther it is now possible to have your administration always and everywhere up to date. Do you want to know more if Print Panther can be successful for you? We would be happy to talk to you or send us a request for a 30-day free pilot!


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